The Gospel of Oz


Sun, November 6, 2016
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Brookland Baptist Church
1066 Sunset Boulevard
West Columbia, SC 29169

Dorothy, like many of us, is searching for a way “home.” Like the Scarecrow, we sometimes allow others to think for us, and value their opinions higher than our own. Like the Lion, our fears can sometimes be crippling and keep us bound. And in this case, “Tinny” the Tin-woman reminds us that we all just want to love and be loved in return! Containing over a dozen original songs, The Gospel of Oz is not just a musical, but a lesson love, of faith, of hope, and courage. “The Gospel of Oz” is that everything you needed for your journey was inside you all the time! THIS IS THE GOSPEL OF OZ!


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