“True Love” by Apostle C. D. Woods, Sr.

Today marks a global celebration observed by many countries and people. The day is set aside for the attending of intimate dinners, the distribution of floral arrangements, the giving of greeting cards to those who are held a special place in the heart of the one who declares their love for the recipient. This day likewise will not represent the same emotional significance to every person. So for those who do not have a Valentine (as it is observed on February 14 in most locations), allow yourselves to fall head over heels with True Love. He doesn’t commit infidelity. He doesn’t become complacent with you after having known you for an extended period of time, then fails to try any longer to retain your attention. True Love is not conditional or unconditional. True love…just is. He’s not defined by words that are created to describe Him. There are a number of people who will fall into a state of depression because a human being has not pledged their affections to them romantically. True Love has been passionately connected to you since before you were even conceived. We base our search criteria for love on the standards established by the commercialism of a concept that only desires to profit from what it wants you to believe is love. All the while True Love has never asked a dime of you. There will be those people who will never find love to the extent of being physically connected to someone else. If we find contentment in this reality, we may then be able to devote our time to the destiny we were created to fulfill. The fairy tale of the young lady who lived in the woods with seven little people in hopes that her prince would be awarded her isn’t everyone’s tale. The tale of he or she who honors and cherishes True Love, which has existed since before time is one of He who will award us a crown of life the likes of the story tellers of past, present and future are unable to pen or type. True Love takes into account our imperfections and the inevitable mistakes we will make, but never judges us to the point we are incapable of improving from those mistakes.

When I recognized all True Love could teach me, I found out I could likely graduate to the fullest extent of my potential throughout life. So I pulled up a seat to life’s classroom He is the Master Instructor of. There are times I need refresher courses to keep me focused on what’s more important. A detailed curriculum of what I would learn about True Love and walking in His example is taken from 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7,13, as it outlines the characteristics I’m to exemplify in Him. For example, if someone has what I don’t, verse 4 reminds me to not envy. If I resent what others have, I’m telling True Love He does not have my best interest at heart and will not disseminate what He already knows what I’m in need of. Additionally True Love teaches me in verse 6 to not hatch sinister plots nor take delight if I get wind of their happening. True Love also teaches me to take what He has instilled in me and impart those principles in my two children, who for the most part are at the turning point of adults, but as they continue to live, they will not easily forget what has been taught them. Fortunately, True Love does not limit me to who I can pour wisdom and knowledge into, as there will be many opportunities to reach many people other than my offspring. So to those individuals who have human love, I find within my heart an honest place of happiness for you. It is possible to have both human and spiritual love and be at a wonderful place of well roundedness. But if the love you are experiencing is void of human interaction, rather full in spirit, let this level of love be complete for you. True Love will wrap His mighty arms around you and give you a sense of security you may never know in the natural. True Love has gifts to bestow on you that are priceless in comparison to any a human counterpart can afford you. True Love doesn’t try to find the cheapest alternative or knock-off to give to you. His riches in glory have a value no human is able to calculate. True Love accomplished something no human being will ever do for you, as True Love doesn’t comprehend fear. True Love came in the form of flesh to give His life that we may bask in the bounty of eternal life. No human can do that, regardless of his or her declaration of loyalty to you. True Love doesn’t allocate one day of the year to announce its obvious joy at having you in His life. Everyday with True Love is Valentine’s Day because The Word has made it perfectly clear True Love is the greatest of all emotions. Also contrary to popular belief, True Love isn’t hard to find. He’s always been right in front of you. Let the falling head over heels with True Love this day be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Please answer these questions:
Have you experienced a love in the natural, that didn’t compare to the love you experienced or are experiencing in the spirit? Please explain.

How do you encourage others who may feel a sense of despair because they do not have a natural love, while motivating them the spirit is just as if not more complete?
May success be your testimony!!!,

Apostle C. D. Woods, Sr.
Founder/ Visionary / Sr. Pastor
Authentic Ministries “A Perfect Balance Of People”
Prevail & Triumph Fellowship Church “Your Victory Is Achieved And Proven”


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