What’s the Gospel?

Regardless what you have done, Jesus came to save you. John 3:17 tells us that Jesus came to save this world, not to condemn it. Every person can accept the gift of salvation no matter their past.

God loves you and cares about you personally. But the problem is God HATES sin because he is perfect and sin is the embodiment of the brokenness that has come over the world. Sin is anything most of us consider “bad” like murder and stealing. But sin is not just the horribly bad things we do, even lying or wanting something someone else has is considered sin. God hates sin so much he will completely destroy anything that is sinful, which means we are in a bad spot from day 1 of our lives. Even a newborn will cry out in rebellion because it is no longer in the womb.

God still loves each and every person, though, so he made a sacrifice. God sent his son, Jesus, to live a life without any sin, a perfect life, the life absolutely none of us could live. He lived his life without sin so he could die a horrible, bloody death on a cross. His death was God’s sacrifice to replace our broken, guilt-stricken lives with Jesus’ blameless one. No matter what we have done in our past Jesus paid the price for it all on the cross.

The BEST news for us is that all we have to do to accept this free gift of sacrifice God has given us is to pray to him and ask for forgiveness. God wants to talk to us and wants to hear from us through prayer. If we pray and ask for God to forgive us of our sins and accept his free gift of salvation, he will give it to us. When the end of times comes we will be saved from the wrath God intends to bring to sin and the pain it has caused.

If you choose to believe this and are ready to accept the free gift Jesus died for God to provide us pray this now “God, I believe in you. I believe you sent your son Jesus to die for me. I accept your gift of salvation and want to begin to follow you. I want to know you more. Please help me as I begin my journey to know of your amazing love and grace for me. Prepare me for the struggles I will face. I ask that you would continue to reveal yourself to me and help me as I try to follow your path. Amen.”


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