Parachute Music represents the voice of culture-savvy people who love to discover new music and think deeply about the intersection of faith and creativity. Our mission is to help Christian Musicians shift pop culture.

We believe musicians are the new politicians and theologians of pop culture. We live in a world where preachers quote U2 from their pulpits and the person on the street cites Bob Dylan lyrics as their doctrine.

Every year, our Artist Development programme sees us working closely with a group of young, influential artists, helping them with every aspect of their burgeoning career. From photoshoots to social media, songwriting sessions to mentoring, we help them get a holistic start to their journey – because it’s a long road, and it’s always nice to have some company.

Meet our Artists in Development.
Get up to speed with this year’s crew, see our alumni and find out more about the programme here.


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