Album: On Eagles Wings by Donna Sammarco

P&J Records (LLC) is proud to have Ms. Donna Sammarco’s premier solo piano CD – “On Eagles Wings” in its catalogue. Fasten your seatbelts, because this one will indeed sweep you away. It is a compilation of beautiful Christian music delivered in a breath-taking manner. This CD is incredibly beautiful and relaxing – perfect music for relaxing on a quiet Sunday morning. It has been recorded in response to innumerable requests received over a period of years for capturing this marvelous performer’s talents on record. Ms. Sammarco has been performing as an accompanist and solo pianist and organist in Louisiana for decades but has never recorded as a solo artist before. Her debut CD marks the beginning of a new era for her. The CD was produced by Paul W. Sammarco and recorded at Ultrasonic Studios, one of the best studios in New Orleans through the mid-1990s, and engineered by Steve Reynolds.


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