New Music – Album: Treehouse by Loveberry

Loveberry’s New Album “Treehouse”


A Refreshing Take on a Life of Following Jesus

WV christian “alternative” band Loveberry feels that the term “christian music” has been cheapened by overuse of the same cliché chords, phrases and subjects in the last 15 years or so. All this while avoiding any deeper subject matter. Their remedy is Treehouse, a collection of 13 sermonizing songs that will likely make you feel uncomfortable at some point. But, after the uncomfortable gives way, you wake up fresher, truer, and bolder.

Who are they?

Hailing from glorious Lewis County, WV, Loveberry was raised in Pentecost with a heart for God and an ear for music. There was a lot of alternative, a lot of classic rock, and moderate amounts of Tiny Tim. They are kind of in a formative stage right now, so let’s just say it’s not as important you know who they are as much as you know Who Jesus is.

How to Get It

All songs are available at and updates are available at For info and booking, please email


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