LIFT: Engaging Gospel Movements Across Chicago

LIFT: Engaging Gospel Movements Across Chicago is a free one-day pastor’s conference with A.R. Bernard, Mark Jobe, Wilfredo De Jesus, Charlie Dates, Jackson Crum, Jon Ferguson, Adron Robinson, Daniel Yang, Jon Dennis and Ron Zappia along with hundreds of Chicago area Church leaders. God is at work in churches across Chicago and you are invited to hear stories and testimonies from other leaders, be challenged to carry out the work God has given you, and even enjoy a free lunch as you break bread with other Chicago pastors.

As we watch to see where God is at work and join with him (Jn 5:19-20), endeavor to serve in the Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20), and engage in sharing the Gospel (Ro 1:16), we see God moving at work in lives, in families, in local churches, for the Church and to the glory of God, “not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” (2 Pe 3:9b ESV).

At LIFT: Engaging Gospel Movements Across Chicago, come to hear how God is at work in many local churches, in many communities across Chicago. Hear from dynamic Church leaders who will encourage you. Sit down over (a complimentary) lunch with a church leader you’ve never met to hear their story and encourage each other in ministry. Discover and share how God is at work across Chicago with hundreds of other Church leaders.

Keynote speakers include Rev. A.R. Bernard, Founding Pastor of a small Brooklyn parish that has grown into the largest house of worship in New York City, Christian Cultural Center, with over 45,000 members; and Pastor Mark Jobe, Founding Pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago that grew from a handful of people to thousands at over 25 campuses throughout Chicagoland and 7 cities internationally.



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