New Music: “I Am Love” by RoPerry/Destinee Sunshine Huitt

RoPerry has a nice catalog of music that she has been producing for about a decade. She has written a song to celebrate almost every single event or holiday in the western world including; Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, even Home-goings. She has been composing music since she was ten years, and singing since she was two. She is also a former certified Texas teacher and served in the Armed forces back in the mid-1990’s, so her life has a plethora of meaningful experices. 

Her top selling song of all time is her Father’s Day song released back in 2009, “Daddy’s Little Angel;” which was very raw and one of her least instrumentally engineered songs, but people like what they like. “I AM LOVE” is just like that! It radiates the pure, raw, untainted, vibration of Love ❤️. This was  her attempt to captures what love is to me in a song. “I AM LOVE captures the pure essence of love. I’m wishing everyone the best 2021!


Author: gospelclipboard

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