New Music: “Prayer Warrior” by Louisa Anastasi

Louisa Anastasi

Raised in Queens, New York, Louisa Anastasi is a Christian Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and DJ .  Louisa has been writing and performing since the age of 7 and at the age of 11 she won a talent contest with her song to protect the wildlife.    Louisa has also written and recorded Dance Music on Triangle Records, she has worked with several Dance Music Artist, Producers and DJ’s, Producer JJ Flores and Charlie Baby part of the 20 Fingers crew from Chicago were some of her singing and writing partners.  Louisa has written songs for WKTU Radio’s NYC Morning Show and for Rupaul and Michelle Visage as well as commercial jingles. Louisa has performed for the late Vince Camuto clothing, shoe and fragrance designer as well as The Dance Music Summit Miami, Market Square, Legends, and St. Marks Place NYC.

Louisa’s world and faith were shaken when in 2007 when her Mother was killed in a car accident.  “My Mom was my everything, It was such a shock to me and it shook my faith”.  Her ability to write songs were null, finally In late 2008 she was able with to get back to her faith and penned the song “My Mothers Hands” a  song for her Mom.  In 2013 Louisa had another tragedy when her sister Annamarie was killed in car crash by a driver under the influence.  Again her faith had been severly shaken by the death of her sister but by the Grace of God Louisa said she had the help of a Holy Christian women who helped build back her faith stronger than ever. 

Recently, during the pandemic Louisa had joined a prayer group on zoom.  The meetings have given her the inspiration to write her latest songs “these songs came directly from the Holy Spirit” Louisa exclaims.    She wants to touch the hearts and souls of people who are doubting their Christian faith and bring Christ’s peace and love into the hearts and souls of those who do not yet know Him.   She also donated her time and music to write a song  and personal video as a gift during covid for an autistic child whom was very upset he could not have his birthday  party she had made his birthday very memorable!  Louisa has written several songs as she likes to say “from the Holy Spirit intervening right through me”!  The first of four songs is called “Lord I Trust In You”,  “Jesus I Glorify Your Name”,  “Prayer Warrior”, and “Angel” all available on digital platforms.   Louisa is looking forward to a future of writing songs for the Lord and praising his Holy Name!  You can hear Louisa on, Cruisen Radio NetworkGE SHAW ENTRhema Word Broadcasting Sunday  .


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