New Music; Thank You Song by Kriz Rogers

Kriz Rogers grew up on the east coast of Sweden, in a small village by the sea three and a half hours drive north of Stockholm.  Her dad loved music, especially country music, and always gave her toy instruments for Christmas and for her birthdays.  He gave her a real accordion when she was ten and she started learning to play it, but switched to guitar at age 12 when a new music teacher found that Kriz could sing – thinking guitar would be more appropriate to develop her talents along with her singing.  The music teacher was right, and at age 13, Kriz made her first public appearance as a country music act at an end of school celebration concert.  After that, Kriz was a much sought after entertainer in the area and performed at various functions and festivals with her guitar and her songs.  She wrote her first country song at age thirteen.

Between then and today, Kriz has among many other appearances and credits, performed on Swedish national TV, performed with Rockabilly greats Rayburn Anthony, Rip Masters and Carl Mann, been nominated for Best Traditional Country Music Artist by Country SM, been a featured artist on Nashville Broadcasting Network, had a special invitation to sing at a radio broadcast celebrating the legendary songwriter Dallas Frazier, had a poem awarded “Best Poetry of the Year” by Festival For Poetry, chosen as a Songwriter To Watch by Nashville Songwriters Association International, and topped the NumberOneMusic and Reverbnations charts in Nashville, Tennessee.

With a heart that beats for music, nature and life, and a voice and persona that shows it, Kriz Rogers is doing her best to spread some light into the world.


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