New Music: Dance by Prominant

Born Hartley Donovan Polson and formerly known as Don Hartley or more recently Daniel Hartley, Prominant has a musical experience that spans three decades of creativity in studio recording and performances. His catalogue of songs aptly demonstrates his ability to create quality music that entertains as well as challenges perspectives. He hails from Kingston, Jamaica but is currently based in Manchester, UK.

One of Roots Reggae’s best-kept secret…until now and one of Manchester’s finest, Prominant entered the reggae fraternity at the eleventh hour, so to speak, having spent half the seventies after leaving high school and during his college years, when reggae was at its peak, through to the early eighties as an educator, helping children and adults in his community, with their educational needs. 

After moving to the UK and through many years of hard work and struggle, Prominant has become one of Manchester UK’s finest reggae artists. With some awesomely unique material accredited to his name. Since 2000 he has worked with some of the industries top dub reggae producers to create some uniquely off the wall anthems that have resounded in the dub arena to date.

Tunes like Run Come Quick, Deep Roots, Irie Meditation, Step It Up Rasta and State Of Mind produced by Nucleus roots from out of Manchester UK; When The Bread come Back produced by Thierry negro and Faya Dub out of France and more recently, Rivers Of Babylon (2018) produced by Lewis Bennette Dubs, Manchester, UK, are just a few of his accomplishments under his previous moniker of Don Hartley. These classic anthems all attest to his creativity as a songwriter and his focus on positively conscious lyrics inside catchy melodies.

He has not abandoned Roots Reggae, however, which he regards as a valid form of sell expression but has now added Gospel Reggae to his repertoire of conscious delights in light of his personal spiritual journey from Rastafari to Christ. His latest offerings of What It Takes and Dance are part of his renewed venture into music production on his new Prominant Records label. The songs aptly represent the two subgenres of Reggae and bode well for the future of this new label and veteran artist as a serious contender in the Reggae fraternity, not only of Roots but also Gospel Reggae,

“I write to inspire the nobler sentiments inherent in man, as revealed in the life of the man Christ Jesus, by whose blood we are saved and by which we now have a new creation.”


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