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Nov. 1, 2021 I received a five star rating for my song Love Walks Through The Rain (c) 2014  from  the renowned folk songwriter Kate Carpentar from  What a honour !

 Oct 13, 2021 new single release . Catch My Glory(c) 2021 is a powerhouse of a song that’s incredibly uplifting is these difficult times. The incredible profeassional soloist /background singer is Nirva Reddy and dynamic producer is Jeff Nelson , 3J Cord Productions , Nashville, TN. You will surely be blessed when you listen to this on  and id1590295126?ls=1&app=itunes.    Oct 16, 2021.   I received a five star rating from Broadjam .com ,renowned composer and choir master Helen Koniuck for 2 of my compositions. Catch My Glory(c) 2021 and Love Walks Through The Rain (c) 2014 The video for Catch My Glory will be forthcoming in 2022

Here is the link for the song on  My channel has approximately 20,000 views of my 6 videos and 104 subscribers.  To God Be The Glory!

I write music that deals with issues in the Key of Life. I truly believe that there has to be a profound message that goes beyond the music. The lyrics should have such an incredible impact that brings hopes, while refreshing and inspiring the listener’s mind, body and soul and motivate them to do great things!

My goal is to create music that provides answers to real life issues. My family, including my incredible Mother and late Father, had a profound impact on my life. Growing up in church and being a pastor’s kid was phenomenal. My grandfather was also an avid composer and musician from Louisiana. My Mother, who at the age of 90 still occasionally is asked to play for church services and renders her services with a joyful heart. As a professional church musician, social worker she exposed me to all types of incredible music. By the age of 7, I could sing several parts of Handel’s Messiah. My Mother was constantly arranging and composing music in front of me! Wow! What a blessing that impacted my life.

Now with all that said just imagine listening to one of these featured songs from my recent album And This Is Jesus. Glory to Glory is a gospel reggae inspirational song that will put some pep in your step and joy in your soul that lets you know that the Lord sees you as a winner. Mr. Mel Holder, Gospel-award nominee was my producer. Another featured song on this album is Good Morning Jesus with the sassy, smooth up-tempo style of soloist Brittany Nelson. She sounds a little like Helen Reddy. Mr. Jeff Nelson, Nashville, TN. was my producer. He is a  1999 GMA Dove Award Nominee, a veteran producer and composer and one of the Grand Old Opry’s favorite sons.

Here are the embedded codes for my videos on my  youtube  channel:

Oct 15, 2020  Good Morning Jesus 2 , EXCITING AND INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO video released on  you tube channel

As of Sept 6, 2019 , 7 videos, 4,560 views, spirit whisperer my youtube channel

What About Joseph ; The Mighty Rushing Wind,;

Love Walks The

Good Morning Jesus

soundcloud .com/user-766442376e/Glory to Glory, The Mighty Rushing Wind, What About Joseph, Good Morning Jesus. -K-Murrell/1858  Four of my songsare available in sheet music.

Good Morning Jesus, The MightyRushng Wind, What About Joseph, Love Walks Through The Rain, Glory to Glory

These songs are just a tidbit of the 4 great compositions that you will hear in my album. It is my hope that listening to these life-changing messages in my songs will comfort you. Enjoy.

New Release Feb 20, 2019, Come Christmas (c) 2019 /soloist Derek West, producer Jeff Nelson 3J Cord Productions Nashville, TN –

Andrea K Murrell-And This is Jesus on Spotify and other songs

May 17, 20, AND 23 , 2019 The Mighty Rushing Wind  placed in the  Religious  Top 10 category

June 14, 2019 Mr. Inout Udrea,  World renowned  Australian classical composer gave a five star ratng to my new song Come Christmas(c) 2019 on, profession music site.

July 5, 2019 completed my 2nd Christmas video -ComeChritmas(c) 2019 Christmas (c) 2019 video releasedJuly 22, 2019  on my youtube channel /spirit whisperer As We Gather(c) 2019 Andrea K MurrellAs we gather in the kitchen there’s no place I’d rather beGood food and fellowship are the ingredients that you needEverything is made fresh with tender loving careAll is strictly organic so processed foods bewareOur bellies are full and our minds are at peaceThe heart of the kitchen is special indeedIt’s a unique communty where comng together will never cease

March 7, 2020 Glory to Glory(s) on has entered the Unique Gospel category at Gospel Top 10 at #10 !!



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