New Music: Come Too Far by Sharp Gospel New Golden Crowns

They’re a new kind of Christian / gospel group – thoughtful, multi-talented and confident. With their debut radio single ‘Come Too Far’ running up the charts, The New Golden Crowns Of Louisville Kentucky is in a unique position to re-define the genre.

Generally speaking, Christian / gospel artists are highly dependent on strong lyrics and pure musicianship to succeed in the market, and The New Golden Crowns Of Louisville Kentucky is well-positioned to excel in this regard. Perhaps that’s why critics had this to say about the group’s award-winning work: ‘This lively Christian song would be considered ingenious by the standard of any genre – ‘Come Too Far’ has a bouncing energy that channels a divine joy lurking in us all.’ Now that their new radio single ‘Come Too Far’ is catching fire on radio, it’s clear that we’ll be hearing a lot more of them. Reporter Lauren Scott recently caught up with The New Golden Crowns Of Louisville Kentucky to learn more about this intriguing new group and what inspires them to create their music.


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